Hello, World!

I’m a bit jittery as I’m typing out this post. I’ve talked about starting a blog, a real live adult blog, for years. In particular I’ve talked about channeling my love for children’s literature into something more substantial than endless Goodreads shelves and requesting yet another ARC from Edelweiss or NetGalley. I even chose the name Kidlit & Caboodle literal years ago because 1) friends told me it a great name and 2) I love puns. It wasn’t until very recently, however, that I felt ready to pull the lever and commit to a domain of my own, or a regular posting schedule.

Consider this a jump start on my 2022 resolutions.

I’m a children’s librarian and I love books, and kids, and trying to get kids to read books, and actually reading those books myself, and talking about books, and looking after our library’s pet snails. (Our snail-centered early literacy program is sadly a work in progress.)

Here’s what you can expect going forward:

  • A behind-the-scenes look at being an LIS (library and information science) professional
  • A focus on diverse authors, illustrators, and publishers
  • Weekly reviews of upcoming titles or old favorites
  • Themed book lists and recommendations
  • Storytime Emergency Clinic for when reading time goes off the rails
  • Some puns here and there for flavor

Updates through the rest of 2021 will be Monday and Friday mornings, New York time.

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